Thursday, 24 May 2012

After not riding for nearly a year, i couldn't wait to get him going again. After a few days of lunge work with tack on i decided enough was enough and time to jump on.With John to help i climbed into the saddle, he didn't batter an eye lid, a complete circuit of the school then 2,3,4,5 fab he never put a foot wrong. Soon off the lunge line and riding on a daily basis. After the first week in walk we soon progressed into trot and out for our first hack around the block- he even had to take lead through some deep water as the companion horse that came with him thought it was far to scary to tackle.
Since then there has been no looking back he has been a real gent. We soon progressed on to our first social ride which he took in his stride and longer rides with more horses to cope with.
Early new year 2012 we arranged to go on a ride myself and John with two very good friends from Poppit Sands this really was a ride to remember. After starting off dry the weather soon changed from light misty rain to torrential down pours which then became consistent, time to really test him out. He rode his first Canter up a grassy track as if we had been doing it for months, i felt in complete control. Despite the weather we continued with many more canters all as great as the first. We continued on the ride through many horrendous gate openings and through fields with bulls in, so as you can imagine rather high in the saddle as times.. until our first river crossing. Firstly down a vertical bank with stream at bottom, first horse walked straight through and up an almost vertical bank the other side. Apache slipped most off the way down and then as we reached the water he decided that it should be a Hicstead bank moment and leaped across on to the vertical bank, this had taken me by surprise so unseated me as i was now sitting on his rump with the saddle in front of me. As we landed Apache decided that as the bank was so steep it was time to jump up it to safer ground, hence now throwing me forward on to his withers and managing to smash my finger on the gullet (whew stayed on). Those of you who have ridden this ride will know where it is, no doubt in fact a friends youngster did exactly the same and she too injured her fingers.
If this adventure was enough we then nearly home had to go across a large open field with at least 200 strong milkers, who weren't best pleased we were there and decided to charge us again now soaked to the skin and wanting a wee, thinking i was so pleased i had cantered earlier today, we eventually got out of the field and made it home thinking how lucky i was that Apache is so good.....

The Begining

I purchased Apache Flash from Llybydder Horse Sales back in July 2008 as a colt foal he was very scrawny, full of lice and in very poor condition, but there was something about him that i liked. His colour then wasn't very distinctive as his coat was so dull and long. Well he loaded like a dream, as if he did it every day. Nothing seemed to spook him, at the time we put it down to feeling poor and not strong enough to spook.
After 6 weeks in quarantine he was booked in to be gelded. This was quite a decision to make as he was turning out to be quite special and unique and it seemed a shame to do it however sense pro failed and he was castrated.
Once healed he was turned out with the rest of the horses that we own and it was clear from the start that he wasn't going to stick up for himself and was shunted to the bottom of the herd. Apache has remained in this position and has no intentions of climbing the hierarchy ladder. He waits for all the others to feed before he gets the left overs and this is still true to date.... he well bullied by them all. Due to this he is always extremely please to see you and charges up to the gate to come in and rest from the others.....

During the summer of 2010 i began lunging Apache which he seemed to enjoy, again being away from the others in his herd gave him a well earned rest (of sorts). By the end of the summer he was lightly backed and walking in the sand school. He was still growing at an alarming rate and was extremely croup high at his stage more like riding a camel.

 I became pregnant with my second child so in November 2010 he was sent away to a friends field, to mature and grow, as was I. He remained picked on whilst there and spent the winter and early spring being a young Horse.

My son Rex was born early March and by the end of this month i was eager to get riding again and couldn't wait to get Apache going again.....